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Who I am:

I am an odd mix of a 3D pixel-slinger/writer and a certified software development project manager. I currently work and live in Oslo, Norway, tending to my passion for all things 3D and Software Engineering.

When I am not doing one or the other, I love cooking, pets, reading, photography, gaming, and making everybody groan over my penchant for mixing and mangling words and phrases – like emphyrric victories. Oh, and tea. As long as I have a cup of good tea, I can go on forever!

What I do:

I am currently a freelancer, with a customer base ranging from Future Publishing’s 3D World, where I write anything from reviews to walkthroughs and features, to HobbyRenderer – a new site for 3D enthusiasts, to consulting agencies like CenterPoint, where I tend to my love for agile project management.

I am taking on projects at the moment, so get in touch if you think we’d create great things together.

My 3D skills:

My philosophy is that 3D software is like clothing – or dating – you need to find something that suits, and clicks with you. It’s hard to be creative when you’re working in something that doesn’t suit you. I like to get creative in:

Recent Renders: